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Music studio in an old church on the Swedish countryside

Studio / Space



The recording studio is a medium-sized church hall, 10 meter below the ceiling and 150 m2 big.  The 1st floor is a control room, with a fireplace, overlooking the church hall which also is big enough for recording drums, guitars or vocals if in need of a smaller recording space.  

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The church hall has its own unique sound you just won’t find anywhere else. The walls are made of wood and gives the sound a soft and natural reverb without becoming overwhelming, and there are many interesting ways you can mic the room since it’s got two mezzanines. The studio is equipped with two proper old school church organs, a Steinway piano plus a number of other interesting and possibly unusual musical gear. 

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We have a festival at Summer Solstice every year where we invite people from all over the world to play a concert or just party through the longest day of the year. We also invite everyone in the Djura village and surroundings to be a part of this special night of entertainment and art. This year will be the fifth anniversary of the festival.  

The church room has also been used for shooting several music videos, art classes and much more. 

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Notable Recordings

  • Stephen O'Malley (Sunn0)), KTL) - guitar overdubs for Årabrot The Gospel. 
  • Ted Parsons (Swans, Killing Joke, Godflesh) - drums for Årabrot The Gospel. 
  • Okkultokrati - album Night Jerks (Fysisk Format). 
  • Årabrot - A Bunch Of Idiots EP (Eolian Empire Records). 
  • Karin Park - Shine music video (director Olle Lundin), Restless music video (director Olle Lundin). 
  • Årabrot - Ha-Satan Deofol music video (director Olle Lundin), Rebekka Tragoedie music video (director Olle Lundin). 
  • Tallest Man On Earth - Darkness Of The Dream music video (director Jakob Wallin).